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About MEBO

For the longest time people have been exploring the frontiers of science and technology to look for materials and means to maintain health, to prevent/treat diseases, and to live a long, productive life.  The key to reaching these goals lies in the regeneration of tissues and organs in the face of aging, infection of pathogens, and environmental insults.  Regeneration maintains or restores the original, physiological structure and function of the tissues and organs in the body.  Through 20 years of basic research and clinical practice, Dr. Xu has led a team of scientists and clinicians to significantly shorten the distance between these dreams and the reality in the regeneration of human tissues and organs.  Starting with regeneration of skin, the largest organ of the body, Dr. Xu has established an innovative medical and nutritional system for enabling the body to regenerate and repair itself so as to maximize its lifespan and to allow us to live a healthy and productive life.
I. Organ Regeneration under Condition Provided by Using MEBO’s Regenerative System Recapitulates Embryonic Development
Critical to the health of a life is to ensure the health of the cell, the basic unit of life.  During the clinical studies of wound healing of adult burn patients, Dr. Xu discovered that in the presence of MEBO wound ointment somatic cells in the wounds are activated or induced to behave like embryonic stem cells, actively proliferating and differentiating directionally to produce a completely normal and healthy skin organ, including all appendages and with the correct physiological structure and function.

• Regeneration of Skin with Normal Physiological Structure and Function
Figure 1 shows a typical process of wound healing and skin regeneration of patients treated with MEBO’s regenerative system. Compared to conventional burn therapy which would require skin grafting for extensive, deep burns, and often cannot avoid disfiguring scarring and disablement, Dr. Xu’s approach potentiates and maximizes the ability of the body to heal itself by using MEBO’s regenerative system (which includes applications of the wound ointment and unique techniques of wound management) to maintain the burns wound in an optimum, physiologically moist environment and to supply vital nutrients to enhance the regenerative ability of the residual viable tissue.  Based on extensive preclinical and clinical research that produced evidence showing the dynamic changes of cells at both the cellular and tissue levels for adult humans undergoing wound healing under the influence of MEBO wound ointment, Dr. Xu and his research team have shown that the regeneration of skin under the conditions provided by using MEBO’s regenerative system recapitulates embryonic development and mimics scar-less wound healing of a fetus. 

Dr. Xu and his research team demonstrated for the first time that embryonic epidermal stem cells are induced or activated and able to proliferate in adult humans under conditions favorable for physiological tissue repair and organ regeneration. Such regenerative conditions are provided by applying MEBO wound ointment topically to the wounds and using unique techniques of wound management.
• Embryonic Epidermal Stem Cells Detected in Wounds Treated by Using MEBO’s Regenerative System
During the treatment of the patients with at least deep partial thickness burns (that would normally require skin grafting if treated with conventional burn therapy), vigorous cellular activity on the wounds was observed in the presence of MEBO wound ointment.  These “hyper-active” cells are confirmed to be cells expressing keratin-19 (K-19) detected by immunofluorescent staining with a monoclonal antibody against human K-19. Figure 2 showing dynamic changes in the level of K-19 expressing regenerative cells monitored at different time points during wound healing of a patient under the treatment of MEBO/MEBT.

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