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MEBO Pharmaceutical (India) Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer company specialized in researching and developing Regenerative Techniques/ Products and it is invested by MEBO International Group which is founded by Dr. Rongxiang Xu and it is affiliated with Skingenix Inc (Located in L.A. USA). Currently MEBO Pharmaceutical (India) Pvt. Ltd has six factories in China and Two Researching Laboratory both in USA and China, and Four Clinical Researching Centers globally, the product line including MEBO Regenerative Medicine, MEBO full set of Cosmetics, MEBO Medical Devices, MEBO Health Food Supplement and MEBO Regenerative Nutrients.


MEBO's achievements in the regeneration of human organs (Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science) began from 1987 with the physiological repair and regeneration of extensively wounded skin by using a proprietary product called moist-exposed burn ointment (MEBO) and from which the company's name is originated. MEBO burn and wound ointment, used in conjunction with the techniques of Moist-Exposed Burn Treatment (MEBT), has benefited millions of patients. MEBT /MEBO can heal acute or chronic wounds and restore the physiological structure and function of the skin and reduce the morbidity and mortality of burn patients dramatically.


MEBO's medicines and nutrients are combinations of essential regenerative substances processed through and formulated with our proprietary technologies. Based on a well-established clinical and scientific foundation of burn treatment, acute and chronic wound healing and the repair and regeneration of the gastrointestinal tract lining, MEBO is now exploring new medicines and nutrients by MEBO's groundbreaking regenerative approaches.  MEBO is researching applications for a wide range of health concerns — from cancers, blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes to other diseases associated with organ degeneration and failure.


MEBO’s products have been marketed in more than 70 countries, including New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arad Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and South America etc.


Our mission is to apply Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science and to use the advanced regenerative technology and high-quality products to benefit the whole mankind.

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