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 Dr. Rongxiang Xu is the founder of MEBO International Group and has served as Chairman of the Board since its establishment in 1987. Dr. Xu's pursuit of regenerative medicine started when he was a medical student at Medical College of Qingdao University in China in the early 1980's. Trained as a surgeon and general practice physician, he was assigned to treat severely burned patients during his residency.  Having witnessed the horrific pain and scarring of burn patients treated with conventional burns therapy, Dr. Xu was determined to discover a more effective, less painful therapy. 

Instead of following the conventional treatment procedures that require keeping burn wounds dry, Dr. Xu developed a moist exposed burn therapy.  This innovative approach is based on Dr. Xu's understanding of the fundamental principle of life: life needs water to thrive and physiological regeneration will not sustain without water.  Dr. Xu started his wound healing experiments with the skin of plants (e.g., pumpkins), then expanded to experimental animal models (e.g., rabbits and pigs), and finally humans (including Dr. Xu himself).

Having succeeded at all levels experimentally, Dr. Xu established an innovative therapeutic system for treating burn patients by integrating moist-exposed burns treatment (MEBT) with a moist-exposed burns ointment (MEBO) from which the company's name is originated.  The MEBO wound ointment is a proprietary product developed based on a unique combination and formulation of natural substances.  With this treatment, Dr. Xu has been able to successfully regenerate healthy tissues on burn victims, and restore physiological structure and function of the skin and other tissues on the wounds, thereby dramatically reducing pain, morbidity and mortality.

Dr. Xu continued his exploration of regenerative medicine for the whole body.  Through years of cellular, animal and clinical studies of tissue/organ regeneration by applying MEBO regenerative medicines and nutrients, Dr. Xu and his research team started to reveal the fundamental principles for regenerating adult organs.  The intrinsic capability of human adults to regenerate cells can be harnessed to repair, renew and regenerate damaged or diseased tissues, as well as organs.  This regeneration can take place in situ under the appropriate environmental conditions facilitated by extrinsic substances, such as MEBO regenerative medicines and nutrients. 

Based on extensive clinical studies of wound healing and organ regeneration by using MEBO/MEBT, Dr. Xu has expanded his research to broader areas of regenerative medicine for other organs in the body. He has invented a series of MEBO products that are formulated for oral delivery, and aimed at i) revitalizing healthy progenitor cells residing in the body to behave like stem cells and ii) eradicating abnormal cells in the body, to prevent and treat premature aging and diseases associated with organ failure or degeneration, and cellular transformation such as cancer. 

Owing to his great contribution to saving lives, revolutionizing wound therapy and dramatically improving patients' quality of life, Dr. Xu has received numerous awards domestically and overseas. Dr. Xu has also been invited to speak at numerous international conferences on burns, dermatology and regenerative medicine, and to give seminars at various academic institutes such as Oxford University, Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School and at the NIH.

When asked about his goal in life, Dr. Xu said, "Since childhood I have aspired to be a good doctor, saving lives and alleviating the pain and suffering of people.  My goal in life has not changed."

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