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Historic Highlights

• In January 1990 Gold Cross, a magazine of the New Jersey State First Aid Council, Inc., published an article written by Harry J. Gaynor, then President of the National Burn Victim Foundation, entitled "Journey to China: Burn Remedy Revealed," on a trip to China to inspect patients treated by MEBO/MEBT, together with Dr. Anthony Barbara, a pediatric burn specialist from Hackensack Hospital, New Jersey. In the article, Mr. Gaynor wrote, "I will go the end of the earth to find a solution to burn disfigurement," and "I ended up going to China half-way around the world. There I found hope."

 • On May 7, 1990 Newsweek magazine published an article entitled "A Simpler Way to Save Lives  Could a New Medication from China Change the World's Approach to Treating Burn Injuries?" stating, "Doctors have made immense progress in treating severe burns over the past few decades……One would expect future progress to consist of refinement, not all-out revolution.  But if a new Chinese treatment fulfills its initial promise, much of modern burn therapy could be rendered instantly obsolete. The new remedy not only eases the pain of burn injuries, according to the proponents, but speeds healing, reduces scarring and drastically cuts the cost of saving lives.  The ostensible breakthrough is still years from general use in this country.  But it is already changing clinical practice in China."
• In 1990 CNN reported Dr. Xu and his treatment of burn patients

• In the summer of 1990 there was a gas explosion in Bangkok, Thailand, injuring a large number of people. Dr. Xu was sent by the Chinese government to assist the Thai government in the treatment of the burn patients, and successfully used MEBT/MEBO to treat many patients without disablement and minimum scarring. On Oct. 30, 1990, Mr. Marut Bunnag, Minister of Public Health of Thailand, sent a letter  to the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, thanking the Chinese government for Dr. Xu's extraordinary help

• In 1993 Mr. Harry J. Gaynor, President of National Burn Victim Foundation of the U.S., presented the 6th Humanitarian Award to Dr. Xu in Beijing.
• In 1995 Dr. Xu received China's Award for Scientific and Technological Innovations Made by Young Scientists, and MEBO/MEBT was selected by the government to be one of the top 100 important achievements of science and technologies to be promoted nationwide. 
• In 1996 Dr. Xu was invited by the Ministry of Health of Singapore to introduce and demonstrate MEBO/MEBT to reconstructive surgeons in Singapore General Hospital. 

• Dr. Xu was invited to speak at a meeting held in United Arab Emirates and introduce MEBO/MEBT to burns specialists from the Middle Eastern and African regions.

• In 2001 Dr. Xu spoke at John A. Boswick, M.D. Burn & Wound Care Symposium held in Hawaii, U.S.A. and disclosed results of using MEBO to cultivate stem cells in vivo and in situ in wound healing and organ regeneration.

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