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Intellectual property

Patent 1: 20030021850A1
Organ regeneration technology. Core patent which explains the central path of Dr. Xu's science, namely conversion from somatic cells to stem cells in situ and development of phyiological tissue and organ from stem cells. 

Patent 2: 20060292692A1
Organ regeneration technology. Cultivation method for potentially regenerative cell to form tissue-organ in vitro, in vivo and in situ.

Patent 3: 20080089945A1
Organ regeneration technologyComposition for promoting normal cell growth meantime inhibiting cancer cell growth

Patent 4: 20080131528A1
Organ regeneration technologyComposition used to treat and prevent neurodegenerative disease

Patent 5: 20120171298A1
Organ regeneration technologyComposition which uses the science to treat diabetic ulcer

Patent 6: 6685971
Organ regeneration technologyAuthentic regeneration of mucosal tissue in gastrointestinal tract

Patent 7: 6972195
Organ regeneration technologyMethod of activating potentially regenerative cells into functional tissue-organ in
vitro serving as model for many future use

Patent 8: 6991813 
Organ regeneration technologyMethod of cultivating regenerative stem cell into physiological and functional tissue and organ in situ

Patent 9: 7074438 
Organ regeneration technologyDelivery method for the regenerative nutrient for potentially regenerative cell and
regenerative stem cell

Patent 10: 7211276
Organ regeneration technologyMethod for preventing gastrointestinal mucosal layer irritation and ulceration with majority
of associated symptom.

Patent 11: 7399492
Organ regeneration technologyEnvironment for in situ restoration and regeneration of tissue and organ into its
physiological and functional structure, meanwhile protect and promote the entire

Patent 12: 7550294
Organ regeneration technologyMedium or the environment to cultivate potentially regenerative cell in vitro and lead to
formation of tissue organ, including the requirement for the same process in situ,
used as model for scientific study.

Patent 13: 7919123 
Organ regeneration technologyMethod of preventing and treating gastrointestinal cancer in terms of tissue and organ
restoration, including the pathophysiological process

Patent 14: 7972631
Organ regeneration technologyCultivation method of regenerative stem cell for tissue and organ restoration and

Patent 15: 8093048 
Organ regeneration technologyActivation of regenerative stem cell residing in the bone marrow

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