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Time: 2013-10-26 11:26:04     Copyfrom: MEBO India

October 26, 2013

On Oct. 24, 2013, in Los Angeles, Dr. Rongxiang Xu, the only one international laureate of Golden Biatec 2013, accepted his medal and certificate for the reward from the Economic Club representatives Mr. Mosny and Mr. Pacurak who were on behalf of the Chairman of the Club, Dr. Peter Kasalovsky.  The awarding ceremony was  live broadcasted online and connected with the Bratislava conference site where hundred of prestigious personalities including many foreign ambassadors attended the same ceremony.  After acceptance speech, Dr. Xu gave a one-hour presentation entitled "initiate your body's PRC regenerative life" with plenty of application results to talk about the human innate regenrative life embedded in PRC cells which can be acitivated by regenrative nutritional substances.  In response to the questions more than expected, Dr. Xu gave detailed explanations to help better understand the new science and new era. The awarding ceremony ended with the great comment from Chairman Dr. Kasalovsky and best wishes for the mankind from Dr. Xu.

Below attached is the full script of Dr. Xu's Presentation:

Initiate Your Body’s PRC Regenerative Life

Dr. Rongxiang Xu


Dear Dr. Peter Kasalovsky, Administrator and Executive Chairman of IEF Economic Club,


Honorable Mr. Peter Mihók, the chair of the World Chambers Federation,

Honorable Mrs. Dagmar Podmaková, the vice-president of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,

Members of IEF Economic Club,

Online Friends around the world,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today, I would like to talk about the topic of “initiate your body’s PRC regenerative life”. PRC, the acronym of potential regenerative cell, is a type of cell having regenerative function and existing like other somatic cells in the human body. We discovered and invented this cell and named it as “PRC”, its regenerative function is awakened by us for the first time in history. Only after being awakened, PRC can convert in situ into pluripotent stem cell to regenerate new cells and tissues. Through the regeneration of new cells and tissues, PRC can achieve regenerative restoration of damaged or diseased organs, regenerative rejuvenation of prematurely senescent organs, healthy extension of human life span, etc.



RNS: Regenerative nutritional substance. A specific combination of nutritional ingredients which can awaken and nourish the PRC in the human body to exert its function, etc.


To begin with,let’s take a look at the brief development history of cutting-edge life science. Since the mid-twentieth century, human beings have not yet found solutions to cancers and organ diseases. In this situation, two research routes were gradually formed: one was modification of one’s own gene and cell, the other was harnessing human body’s cell potential. These studies are called cutting-edge life science. Governments of various countries have invested huge research funding into the former so far, but the development of this scientific research route has not brought to the public any effective therapy and solution to longevity. On the other hand, the latter “organ regeneration science” which harnesses the human body regenerative potential, was founded by us in 1980s. Practical application of organ regeneration science has been accomplished early in its development history, and it has currently developed into a comprehensive applied system which can be accessed by the people of all countries. The human life science has entered the era of “organ regeneration science”.

In the mid-twentieth centurywhen the double-helix structure of DNA (gene) was discovered, then-U.S. President Nixon made a commitment to use gene to conquer cancer. That quest was carried on by successive generations of U.S. presidents and was followed by countries all around the globe until March 21, 2013, when Professor Watson, the “father of gene”, announced that gene therapy study is of no value.

In 1988, Chinese government approved and added my burns regenerative technology and therapy on the list of great national scientific and technological achievements as well as national new drugs to be popularized across the country.

In 1990, then-U.S. President George H. W. Bush instructed his office to write a letter requesting to introduce into the U.S. my Burnt Skin Regeneration Technology, i.e. the earliest practical application of “Organ Regeneration Science”. Originally, it was the U.S. leader who first identified and believed in “Organ Regeneration Science”. At that time, a great press release conference was held in New Jersey on my Burns Regenerative Therapy and Technology.

During the period of 2000-2002, on several China and US international stem cell and regenerative medicine conferences which representatives of President Bush also attended (2002), I gave keynote presentations and published monographs in the topic of “somatic cells regenerate organs”. This is the first time in human history to reveal that human somatic cell is able to convert into stem cell and regenerate an organ in situ. At the same time, I filed patent applications around the globe. Till now 29 patents of regenerative science have been granted; “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science” was published.

In 2008, then-U.S. President George W Bush incorporated our patented basic scientific route “converting somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells” into the U.S. national development policy in purpose of avoiding the ethical issues of embryonic stem cell study. President Bush made it quite clear that scientists had converted skin cells into embryonic stem cells. Unfortunately, some scientists actually failed to convert skin cells into embryonic pluripotent stem cells; instead, they took fake pluripotent stem cells as genuine pluripotent stem cells. Even surprisingly, the Nobel Assembly awarded the “fake pluripotent stem cells” in the name of real pluripotent stem cells in 2012. Their fraud conduct destroyed the entire era of stem cell study.

In 2010, the Institute of Applied Science for Human Regeneration and Rejuvenation was founded in the University of Southern California (USC), USA, which initiated the higher education of the application of our “Organ Regeneration Science”.

This year, U.S. President Barach Obama oriented the national policy of life science development directly on my patented route of applied science of “damaged organ regeneration”, bringing the development of cutting-edge life science to a stage of application of “Organ Regeneration Science”. Accordingly, the current world of life science has entered the era of harnessing human body’s innate function of “organ regeneration”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,     

Today, in order to accelerate benefiting all people around the globe, I would like to release the application results of this new science system, and to get you informed with a new type of cell - “PRC” that is latent in the tissues and organs of the human body, which could be awakened and cultivated to exert functions of regenerative life, realizing organs’ own regenerative restoration and regenerative rejuvenation in situ to prevent and spontaneously heal their own diseases, extending the human life span and achieving regenerative life. Now, I would like to start the report which covers five aspects.

Part I

Application Results of Initiating Human Body’s PRC Regenerative Life

1. We carried out the experimental clinical study of initiating “PRC” functions in mid-age male rats. Result is that, compared to the rats fed with regular food, those fed with regenerative substance could live at least two times longer, and kept in a youthful state with all organs being kept young. In other words, these rats fed with regenerative substance achieved regenerative lives. 

2. Regenerative restoration of deep burns; 

By regeneration of new skin, the patient with extensive deep burn wound healed without disablement. In contrast, the patient treated by skin grafting therapy became disabled. Till now, skin regeneration has been achieved in 40 million burnt patients in 73 countries.

3. Regenerative restoration of wounds and ulcers;

Bone tissue, subcutaneous tissue and skin all can achieve regenerative healing. Till now, regenerative tissue healing has been achieved in 5 million patients with wounds or ulcers in 73 countries.

4. Regenerative restoration of severed distal finger;

PPT:The function of regenerating severed distal finger in situ has never been found in any vertebrate. Now, it can be realized by initiating the regenerative life. Scientific law: the fact of human finger regeneration confirms that all tissues in the human body can realize regeneration.

5. Healed diabetic ulcers;

PPT:There was previously no way to cure diabetic foot ulcer, and 80% of the affected patients had to receive amputations. Now, by initiating the regenerative life, the ulcer wound could be healed by the body itself, avoiding amputation.

6. Eliminate organ scar;

PPT:Body surface scar, once formed, will stay permanently, affecting the lifetime quality of life of a person. Now, by initiating the PRC regenerative life, the scar could be replaced in situ by regenerated skin organ. 

7. Scarless regenerative healing of gastroduodenal ulcer;

As is well-known, all the current routine treatments can only achieve scarred healing of the gastroduodenal ulcer wound, resulting in an incurable state due to easy relapse. Gastroduodenal ulcer therefore is a challenging medical problem. 

8. Regenerative healing of chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG);

As we all know, CAG is the precancerous lesion of gastric cancer, which currently has no solution for cure. I tell you now, CAG has been eradicated by initiating the PRC regenerative life; therefore, the risk of human cancer caused by CAG has been eliminated.

9. Regenerative restoration of coronary heart disease (CHD);

CHD is the No. 1 human killer. By initiating your PRC regenerative life, this greatest killer could no longer kill anybody.

10. Regenerative control of hepatic fibrosis;

Human hepatic fibrosis is a severe disease damaging human life. Now, by initiating the PRC regenerative life, this risk has been greatly reduced.

11. Regenerative restoration of pulmonary fibrosis;

Pulmonary fibrosis severely threatens 70% of the elderly. Now, by initiating the PRC regenerative life, the seniors will get rid of the harms of pulmonary fibrosis. 

12. Regenerative control of lung cancer cell;

PPT shows the result of regenerative nourishing cell study: after taking the RNS for lung, normal lung cells regenerated while lung cancer cells underwent suicide. Lung cancer patients also got the same regenerative anti-cancer effect.

13. Regenerative healing of skin cancer;

By initiating the nutritional support for skin regenerative life, human will no longer be afraid of skin cancer.

14. Regenerative control of acute lymphoid leukemia;

By initiating the PRC regenerative nutritional support for bone marrow regenerative life, human will no longer be afraid of malignant myelogenic disease.

15. Terminal cancer patients’ survival with tumors;

By initiating the comprehensive nutritional support for organs’ regenerative lives, human body obtains additional functions of regenerative life, so that the terminal cancer patients can extend their life length with relieved sufferings.  

16. Let’s take a look at the appearance of people after regenerative rejuvenation.

Case 1: A 62-year-old man, 8 months after initiating his PRC regenerative life, his face, neck, limbs, hand and other surface organs have all been rejuvenated, and he reported he looked much younger than his twin brother.

Case 2: A 55-year-old woman, 5 years after initiating her own PRC regenerative life, the appearance of her face, neck and all body surface organs were reversed to 40-year-old state. The comparison between images on PPT slides tells everything.

17. Let’s examine the actual status of internal organs’ regenerative rejuvenation.

Let’s first take a look at the histological conditions of a senescent small intestine before and after regenerative rejuvenation. The same thing happens to all internal organs.

Using an electronic endoscope, we can examine the change of human visceral organs after regenerative rejuvenation. For example, the change of intestinal villi organ. Intestinal villi are key and essential for the human body to absorb nutritional ingredients; without functional villi, all organs in the human body will gradually become malfunctioned due to lack of required nutrients. The aging status of intestinal villi is surprisingly different in various age groups. PPT: dense at 25, comparatively scarce at 30-50, less than 30% of total villi are left at 50-60, short and quite scarce at 70.

Next, let’s compare the status of a same person before and after regenerative rejuvenation:  PPT: Before, villi are scarce and cannot shield the blood vessels in the intestinal wall, representing the aging status of the elderly; After, villi are dense and vigorous and the blood vessels are completely invisible. 

Now, let’s take a look at the intestinal villi regenerative rejuvenation results of 40-year-old and 60-year-old age groups. PPT: 40-year-old group; 60-year-old group.

18. Next, I will report the general results of regenerative rejuvenation in several age groups

  • 40—50 : 4 years regenerated, 6 years younger;
  • 50—60 : 5 years regenerated, 8 years younger;
  • 60—70 : 6 years regenerated, 10 years younger;
  • 70—80 : 6 years regenerated, 12 years younger;
  • 80—100 : 7 years regenerated, 14 years younger;

This is the greatest man, first volunteer and supporter & protector of “Human Organ Regeneration Science”; without his support and protection, no such science could survive today.

19. There are many results of initiating regenerative life, etc.

These results reflect the functions of new human PRC regenerative life after its initiation.

Part II

Invention of the Regenerative Life Entity—PRC

1    The invention process of the regenerative life entity---PRC

1.1. The earliest regenerated skin organ before 1984.

1.2. The earliest histocytological monitoring of regenerated skin in 1984.

1.3. The earliest method design of in situ detection of keratin 19 pluripotent stem cell (Dale BA, et aL) in human burn wound after 1988.

1.4. The earliest discovery of keratin 19 pluripotent stem cell and PRC in wound in 1996.

1.5. The origin of PRC.

PRCs originate in the procedure of pluripotent stem cell’s proliferation and differentiation during human embryonic development, as well as the procedure of organ regeneration by PRC after birth. (PPT:Based on the complete in situ regeneration of a severed distal finger at the surgical wound created on its initially regenerated defective finger body, we confirmed “PRCs” could also be generated along with organ regeneration.)

2.      In vitro validation of the role of “PRC”

2.1. Validation of cloning a tissue in vitro from a cell; and in situ regeneration of villi on tissue explants:

  • We cultured small intestinal tissue of a 17-day fetus mouse with RNS to harvest “PRCs” to form intestinal villi tissue organ.
  • Validation of in situ regeneration of villi on tissue explants.

2.2. Second, we sought to verify the process of organ regeneration by the experimental model study to clone a hair follicle organ in vitro from a single hair follicle cell.

3.      In vivo verification of the role of “PRC” in organ regeneration

Wetracked the whole process of skin organ regeneration in situ by marking keratin 19 expressing cells (pluripotent skin stem cells). After the treatment of deep burn wounds with RNS, PRCs in the residual viable tissue of the wound converted into pluripotent skin stem cells during the time between 12-24 hours.

On day 4, pluripotent skin stem cells began to actively proliferate and differentiate.

On day 7, a remarkable increase in proliferation and differentiation was observed in pluripotent skin stem cells, forming the rudiment of the regenerated tissues.

On day 14, pluripotent skin stem cells proliferated and differentiated to the maximum, with apparent new types of tissue structures observed.

On day 21, skin and appendages including hair follicles were formed; new skin tissues and appendage tissues were gradually formed along with the decrease of the cells expressing Keratin 19.

On day 28, new skin organ was completely regenerated in situ with no cell expressing Keratin 19 anymore. 

On day 35, accomplished is the whole process of “PRC” regenerating skin organ in situ, as well as the first time in human history to achieve full-thickness skin regeneration on burn wound. 

This is the general route of innate PRC regenerative life of human organs, the second life of humans. We are endowed with this inherent life by God. Thanks God that we humans can begin benefitting from our regenerative lives.

Part III

Mechanism and Effect of PRC Regenerative Life

In order to initiate and harness the human body’s PRC regenerative life and its functions, we studied and invented the mechanism and effect of regenerative life.   

1. Regenerative mechanism:

  • Intracellular mechanism: RNS used for awakening “PRC” →going through free fatty acid channel of cells →entering “PRC”→further entering the mitochondria and being burned →releasing the regenerative potential-awakening ingredients→awakening “PRC” → “PRC” exerting the role of pluripotent stem cell.
  • Regenerative mechanism in tissues: After the intake of RNS, some dying cells in tissues and organs →send out death signals to the tissue → some of the signals are received by surrounding PRCs → some of the signals are received by the brain through blood circulation → under the regulation of the brain and the supply and nourishment of regenerative potential-awakening ingredients →“PRC” exerts the role of pluripotent stem cells → to regenerate new cells replacing the dying cells → so that the organs and tissues can maintain their physiological structure and function.  

2. Regenerative effect:

The previous research of human life science concluded that there are four ways to prematurely terminate our lives: premature senescence, malignant mutation, damaging diseases and excessive premature apoptosis. Current medicine can do only a little to help manage organ damage and disease among these conditions. Therefore, humans are in a helpless situation unable to enjoy the full life span given to us by Nature. However, If the regenerative function of “PRC” in the human body is initiated, human regenerative life would be developed and enable humans to step out of that helpless situation. The human life span may be extended to 2-3 times of the current length, as the result of rat regeneration experiment. The effects of initiating PRC regenerative life functions are explained as below:

2.1. PRC regenerates new cells to replace prematurely fibrotic cells.

Afterself-renewal for 50-60 times, cells in human organs will gradually become fibroblasts and lose their original functions, resulting in the termination of organs’ lives. This process is defined as natural aging or natural death in previous life science. However, in our “Organ Regeneration Science”, we define it as: “According to the human life length given by Nature, the current “natural” deaths are all due to premature aging. After initiating the function of “PRCs” in the human body, the prematurely fibrotic cells will be replaced by the newly regenerated ones in situ, so as to realize the regenerative life relay of organ cells. The prematurely aging process of organ cells can thereby be blocked and interrupted eventually, and human life length extends towards its due natural length”.

2.2. RNS plays the role of enabling cancer cell’s apoptosis and preventing canceration.

After intake of the RNS, cancerous cells undergo apoptosis while “PRCs” are awakened into regenerative function state, which has been primarily verified by the clinical result of curing skin cancer and the practical application in terminal cancer patients.

In addition, we have verified the effect of cancer prevention using the international standard study of inducing “3T3 cell” into cancer cell by carcinogenic agent: “3T3 cells” cultured without RNS (the control group) were induced into cancer cells; those cultured in medium added with RNS (study group) were not induced into cancer cells. Look at the PPT slides for the results. I hope that the anti-cancer forces around the world can unite together to exploit the regenerative anti-cancer method for blocking and interrupting the organ canceration.

2.3. PRC regenerates new cells to replenish damaged defective organ and replace diseased nonfunctional cells.

Through the development of modern medicine over 2500 years, human beings have progressed in effectively controlling the organ injuries and diseases to some extent, especially in the fields of surgery and control of foreign microorganism infection. But endogenous organ diseases have not been conquered radically. Medicine can help a little to prevent death due to organ diseases. However, initiating PRC function in human cardiovascular system can effectively control and even reverse the progression of coronary heart disease. If the PRC function in all organs is initiated, organ diseases will be prevented, controlled and eliminated; thereby the death pathway of cell damage and disease will be effectively blocked and interrupted.  

2.4. PRC regenerates new cells to replenish an organ undergoing excessive cell apoptosis.

Human cell apoptosis is programmed cell death or suicide (Kerr, et al., 1972). This theory says there are always some cells undergoing programmed suicide in human organs. Such cell suicide will not disappear until end of the life. The number of suicidal cells per day increases with age. Based on our study, we think that during the developmental stage of the human body, the growth-related hormones promote cells to proliferate in such a high speed that the amount of apoptotic cells is comparably small and negligible, therefore cell apoptosis at this stage does not affect the overall development of the human body. But after 24, a person stops producing growth-related hormones and the total number of cells in the human body will no longer increase. Since then, the influence of cell apoptosis takes effect; the total number of cells in organs decreases day by day and eventually the organs die prematurely due to lack of functional cells supporting their functions. For instance, the gradual functional degeneration of lymph and brain are caused by the apoptosis and decrease of their cells. Our experiments have confirmed that if the regenerative potential of lymph and brain can be initiated, their degeneration can be prevented and thus the premature death caused by their apoptosis mechanism can be blocked and interrupted effectively.  

With the PRC regenerative function and RNS’s effect on cancer cell apoptosis, the four major premature death pathways of human will be effectively blocked and interrupted, thus saving the entire humans.  

Part IV

How to Access Your Own Regenerative Life

Everybody expects to initiate and benefit from the PRC regenerative function of our body as soon as possible. In fact, the initiation method is quite simple. That is, select proper RNS for awakening and nourishing certain PRCs, and then provide the substance to the PRCs in organs by external, oral or interventional methods. In this way, PRCs can play the regenerative function in situ and the organs will obtain the function of regenerative life. In short, as long as our PRCs can take RNS every day, the organs will continuously present the function of regenerative life. The detailed methods for applying RNS are as follows: 

1. RNS for topical use

Application of RNS has now achieved regenerative rejuvenation of aging skin, which is bringing on a technological and market revolution for skin anti-aging industry. Applying RNS for skin organ regeneration to treat open injuries of surface organs has become a routine therapy. Wound treatment by skin organ regeneration has been applied in over 70 countries for 25 years; since 2002, skin regenerative substance (MEBO burn ointment) has been identified by WHO as the essential first-aid medication for burns; and in 2012, on the 16th Congress of International Society for Burn injuries held in UK, skin regeneration turned out to be the academic mainstream of burns treatment. All doctors around the world can apply it in clinic following the guidance and instructions of the standard procedures described in books Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy and Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science. 

2. Oral administration of RNS-GI

If you want to initiate the regenerative life of internal organs by RNS, you must first orally take RNS for GI organ to achieve gastrointestinal regenerative restoration and rejuvenation. Since its premature senescence occurs 20 years ahead of the other organs, GI organ must achieve regenerative restoration and rejuvenation in the first place in order to make sure all the other internal organs can get sufficient RNS. By orally taking RNS-GI continuously, GI villi regeneration can be observed in 3 months; the regenerative restoration and rejuvenation of GI villi organs can be observed in one year; and the regenerative rejuvenation of the whole GI organ can be achieved in three years. 

3. Oral administration of RNS for all internal organs

Three months after the initiation of GI organ regeneration, orally take the RNS for all internal organs. If there is organ disease, the amount of RNS for the affected organ shall be increased. Generally, administration of RNS three times per day with meals can realize the regenerative restoration and rejuvenation of organs. Based on the available data, organ regenerative restoration can be achieved by oral administration of RNS for two years; and with continuous administration for two more years after that, human body can enter the stage of organ regenerative rejuvenation. For those diseased organs, the demonstration of their regenerative effects may be delayed accordingly. As long as RNS is taken as our regular daily diet, our body will always maintain a functional state of regenerative life.

Part V  The World of Regenerative Life

If all human beings begin to take the food added with RNS, we will all begin to initiate the function of PRC regenerative life and the human world will undergo a tremendous transformation:

With the initiation of PRC regenerative life,

  • human organ diseases will decrease and human beings will enjoy unprecedented health! 
  • human organ functions will increase and human life activity will have the unprecedented vitality!
  • human lifespan will be extended and the fortune created by human beings will be unprecedentedly immeasurable!

To initiate and enjoy the PRC regenerative life potential, we humans must take the food essential for PRCs, namely RNS. Therefore, according to the demand of regenerative nutritional food by human beings, the orders of the current world including the human life orders, economic orders, social orders and the like will change so as to adapt to the new orders of the human regenerative life world!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the inventor of Organ Regeneration Science, I have basically fulfilled the scientific mission and will continue with the development of scientific research. Using the applied technologies of Organ Regeneration Science to benefit the people is the responsibility of leaders in political, economic, and social fields in all countries, as well as all human beings.  

In the meantime, following the principle of the international law to popularize life-saving therapies and technologies, and for sake of the world of human regenerative life, I decided to contribute my inventive creation of “Organ Regenerative Science” to countries around the globe by signing confidential agreements with the United Nations and all countries simultaneously to protect the core technologies. I believed the leaders of all countries could also follow the principle of the international law to promote the application of my invention of science and technologies, so as to benefit their nations as soon as possible.

In closing, I would like to give my thanks to the IEF Economic Club for this honorable award, to the leaders and people of SlovakRepublic for their trust and expectation, and to the leaders and people of the Europe and all countries across the world for their expectation. I hereby thank the government and peoples of my motherland China, and the governments of U.S. California state and Los Angeles county for their support and protection in terms of circumstance for science.

I wish all human beings initiate our PRC regenerative lives and step into the world of regenerative life, enjoying the lives for regenerative life and realizing our due regenerative life span.

Long live the human!



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